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Why use a lawyer during a divorce?

When a married couple chooses to divorce, it is important that the legal process takes place in the best possible conditions to ensure that each one gets back on track with their lives. Whatever the cause of the divorce, it is a relatively long and complex step that requires the intervention of a lawyer. If you have decided to take this step, a lawyer will be your best ally to approach the procedure with serenity. He will be your legal representative under the law.

Call on a lawyer to benefit from their expertise.

Usually, the result of a long reflection within the couple, a divorce procedure cannot be improvised. Therefore, it is mandatory to call in a lawyer during a marital separation to be accompanied by a legal professional specializing in divorce and family law. The best divorce lawyer in Delhi will have the necessary expertise to settle your dispute and will guide you according to the particularities of your situation.

This legal professional may, in particular:

  • Guide you during your separation,
  • Defend yourself in court,
  • Be responsible for drafting legal acts,
  • Verify the authenticity of certain documents.

In addition to mastering all avenues of appeal, the best lawyers in Delhi are bound by professional secrecy. Therefore, you can entrust him with all your secrets without any risk of noise, and your correspondence will be carefully guarded.

A legal obligation, even in the event of an amicable divorce

In the collective unconscious, it is more important to search for lawyers near me and call them in the event of a contentious divorce. Indeed, he is responsible for the petition for divorce, the summons, as well as the conclusions to be delivered to the judge. However, this legal obligation also applies in the event of divorce by mutual consent.

In reality, spouses who divorce amicably no longer necessarily go before the family court judge, but each spouse must necessarily call a lawyer. The two lawyers will thus be able to jointly draft a fair divorce agreement. Both spouses can sign this agreement, also countersigned by the lawyers.

Note that in order to reduce costs, the spouses can call on a single lawyer (only when the divorce is mutual). After having taken care of the deposit of the agreement in the ranks of the minutes of a notary, the lawyer will take care of the administrative formalities to add the mention of the divorce on the marriage certificate.

Child custody and property division at the heart of divorce

If you have children, it is all the more important to hire a lawyer to prevent them from finding themselves in the middle of your marital conflict. You must necessarily establish a compromise.

During an amicable divorce, for example, the lawyers take care of the organization of the custody of the children. They advise you by offering you the various childcare options and by calculating the amount of alimony. Conversely, the lawyer can help you formulate the requests and prepare the necessary arguments for sole custody when it comes to a contentious divorce.

You should also contact a lawyer in order to properly manage the division of movable and immovable property. In the event of a contentious divorce, he will be able to defend you in court, and in the case of an amicable divorce, he will be responsible for attaching a liquidation statement to the divorce agreement.

A precious help during the liquidation of the matrimonial regime

When liquidating the matrimonial regime, the lawyer helps his client see clearly in the division of movable property (bank accounts, furniture, cars) and real estate and to separate the common goods and the goods which remain the property of each one. It then explains the rights and obligations of each of the former spouses on the property in question.

In the case of an amicable divorce, a liquidation statement is attached to the divorce agreement. In the case of a quarrelsome divorce, the divorce lawyer is there to defend his client’s interests before the judge. His expertise is, therefore, both invaluable and essential to guarantee the fairness of the divorce.

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