Wednesday, 28 Sep 2022

When to Hire a Federal Employment Attorney

Federal employment laws are enacted to help protect both employers and employees by setting out guidelines for handling employment-related legal issues. However, since the complexities of employment law and employee rights can be confusing, you should consider hiring an expert in this field to advise you when necessary. A federal employment attorney makes sure that employers are in compliance with all laws relating to the workplace and that employees are treated fairly and consistently. There are situations in which both employers and employees are encouraged to speak to an attorney immediately. Here are some of them.

When to hire an employment lawyer as an employee

As an employee, some of the actions of your employer can place you at a disadvantage. You should consult a lawyer immediately to help remedy the situation or recover damages.

  • Wrongful termination – in case your employment contract is terminated, and you think the termination was illegal, you can talk to a lawyer.
  • Discrimination and harassment – acts of harassment, discrimination or retaliation against employees can amount to a violation of their legal rights, leading to disputes in the workplace.
  • Violation of laws meant to protect employees – there are several federal and state laws that are created to protect employees. If you feel that the illegal conduct of your employer has violated these laws, you can hire an attorney for expert guidance.
  • Your employer does not give you the benefits you are entitled to – most employees are entitled to a number of benefits under their employment. If your employer denies you these benefits, an employment attorney will suggest the options available to you.

When to hire an employment lawyer as an employer

Employers have to deal with a host of labor and employment issues. An experienced employment lawyer can help you understand the various applicable laws and ensure you are in compliance with the statutes.

  • Representation for collective bargaining negotiations – the process of negotiating collective bargaining agreements can be involving and time-consuming. An employment lawyer is in a better position to understand the details of the documents and represent you effectively.
  • An employee has filed a complaint against you – if an employee has filed a complaint about harassment or discrimination against you or has brought a cause of action regarding an employment-related matter against you, an employment attorney will advise you and represent you during the process.
  • You plan to change employment terms – to avoid legal issues, you should hire an employment lawyer when looking to lay-off a large number of employees, change the current pension plan or terminate an employee benefit.

The cost of hiring a federal employment attorney will depend on their skills and the details of your case. However, you should ever compromise on quality to save money. In the end, working with a qualified and experienced lawyer will offer you numerous benefits.