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What is the duration of a wrongful death case?

duration of a wrongful death case

Every individual has a different wrongful death case. Some of them get settled very swiftly, and some take several months. The case is expected to settle in a minimum time when you are not working with an attorney. But it happens only on some occasions, especially when the injured person accepts the low settlement given by the insurance company. It means that the injured party won’t have to go for a trial. Wrongful death lawsuit settlements average can be $500,000 to $1 million. It relies upon the nature of your case.

Wrongful death occurs because of another person’s mistake. The survivors who face the damage have the right to file a case against that person. They usually take the support of an attorney. Car accident due to the actions of a drunk driver is a situation that can lead to wrongful death.

Case getting resolved swiftly can save a lot of time and effort. The family members suffer the most in the wrongful death cases. They should do something for recovering the damages that include lost wages, medical costs, funeral expenses, and other benefits. Finding a practised wrongful death attorney in Gainesville GA is significant in such heartbreaking moments.

The pain of wrongful death is not easy to bear. It can be a significant loss of financial and future support. The most reputable wrongful death attorney in Gainesville GA can prove to be helpful. It might judge the right value of the claim by comparing all the parameters of the case. The wrongful death lawyer can decide which expert would be the best to handle each case. The lawyer can calculate every factor, including the credibility of the witness.

Benefits of hiring an attorney

Everything is managed with accuracy after hiring a steady legal representative for a wrongful death lawsuit. The legal representative will examine your case intensely. The investigation process would speed up if the pieces of evidence at the accident scene are already collected by the police.

Role of insurance companies in a wrongful death case

Insurance companies often want the wrongful death case to get settled fast, so as to avoid large payouts. They sometimes wish the case to be extended. The delay is many times used as a bargaining tactic by the insurance companies. Family members wait for months and years for a typical wrongful death settlement. A skilled wrongful death lawyer can negotiate in the right way with the insurance companies.