Saturday, 14 Dec 2019

Smartest Choices for the Legal Supports

In this event, do not hesitate to ask her whether she is satisfied with the way in which her file was handled by her lawyer and if so, she could recommend it to you. With the use of AG Law you can have the best solutions.

Privilege a lawyer

This may seem obvious, but if you live or your place of business is in the same city, you have every interest in favoring a lawyer.

First, it will save you long round trips if you have to go to his office regularly. Moreover, if it is your lawyer who moves, you will not be bitterly surprised to discover the amount of his travel expenses at the close of your file.

On the other hand, if your request can be handled remotely, such as a simple request for legal advice for example, the use of a lawyer in your area is not an absolute necessity.

Make sure your lawyer is serious

Check first that your lawyer is registered with the Bar. If so, it means that he has the capacity and the moral qualities to offer his services.

You can also check its registration directly on the site of the Bar of Lyon which references all lawyers registered at the Bar.

Another way to ensure the seriousness of a lawyer: check his presence on the internet. A Lyon lawyer who does not have a site, who is not present on a directory of verified lawyers, such as Solution Avocat, or a professional social network, such as LinkedIn or Viadeo, does not send a very encouraging signal.

Do not focus on rates

Before turning to the more or less sensitive subject of the fees charged by lawyers, it is advisable to look at their mode of remuneration.

As you may already know, lawyers can set their fees freely, according to a calculation method defined at the beginning of the service with the client. This is the case of lawyers like any other lawyer practicing in another city in France.

In the case of the fixed fee, your lawyer agrees with you on a fixed total remuneration.

In the case of hourly compensation, the fees are calculated on the basis of the number of hours spent on your file.

Finally, in addition to his basic salary, your lawyer may also agree on remuneration for the result.

Essential clarification: the tariff charged by a lawyer should not be considered as a criterion of choice.

Indeed, some cases require specific skills, sometimes very rare, likely to significantly restrict your choice. We must then agree to pay the price of this rare skill, which has often required many years of study. Similarly, it seems quite understandable that a lawyer who has achieved many successes during his career practices higher than average rates. Conversely, a small fee does not necessarily mean bad skills! Because, as in any sector, a lawyer who has just started on his own will tend to practice rates a little below average in order to gain experience.

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