Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020

How to Find The Right Lawyer in Montreal?

It is often not easy to find the right lawyer suitable to serve your purpose in the court of law anywhere in the world and so Montreal is not an exception. In addition to complex law and legal complications, the legal costs and court procedures add to the complication of searching the right lawyer who can handle everything as per your expectations as well as the affordability in terms of expenditure. The first thing to consider before determining to find a lawyer is the circumstances for which you require a lawyer. The second important aspect before searching a lawyer is to plan specific criteria to use while finding the right lawyer. Then the last but not the least aspect is to effectively and appropriately evaluate the services rendered by the lawyer. Contact Liebman Legal to provide you assistance and find the best lawyer to serve your purpose.

The first question dealing with the situation for which you need a lawyer can be divided into two basic categories. The first situation may be litigation and the second may be counsel. You necessarily need a lawyer to intervene in your litigious situations like recovery of any unpaid claim, a lawsuit for any kind of damages,the exercise of mortgage right etc. Similarly, you will also need to engage a lawyer to protect you from legal action against you in the case ofthe litigious situation against you. Eventually, if you have a litigious situation to deal with you must search for an experienced lawyer in litigation.

The second situation of counsel is often tricky because often litigation may not be necessary or avoided if you consult a lawyer in advance for counsel. In fact, many people neglect or lookdown upon the counsel ultimately leading to dispute after neglecting the counsel. Therefore, the service of a lawyer comesat a different level. First as counsel for chalking out future plan to prevent the litigation, then in the second level as legal strategist and litigator to obtain a favourable ruling for you or to protect you from conviction. However, in any case, you need a lawyer either counsel or litigation. You can naturally represent yourself to defend your case, but as per 87.3 code of civil procedure in Quebec representation by a lawyer is mandatory.

More than 55% of the total lawyers of Quebec are stationed in Montreal and 23% of the total population of Quebec resides in Montreal. As per a calculation, there are 326 lawyers for 100000 population in Quebec in comparison to the average of 252 in Canada. Therefore, you have sufficient lawyers to choose from to find the right lawyer to serve your purpose.

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