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When there is a car accident, the victim often experiences either facial or dental injuries which could cause trauma. Dental injuries should never be ignored as even a minor injury can turn out to be life-threatening. Sometimes there is significant trauma which could leave you unable to go out in public or even continue your day to day activities, due to the discomfort caused by the injury. A lot of people sustain serious dental injuries after being involved in a car accident, in such a case consult a Car Accident Lawyers in Toronto immediately.

What are the causes of dental injuries?

Being in a car accident could can dental injuries. Pedestrians tend to be more at risk of dental injury during a car crash because the body is more exposed and comes into direct contact with the vehicle. Dental injury is sustained due to impact with certain parts of the car like the seat or steering wheel. There could also be an increase in the risk if there is cargo in the vehicle. Dental injuries can also be caused by car’s safety features, like, the seatbelt can cause dental damage especially among kids.

What are the different types of dental damage?

Different types of dental injuries take place during an accident. The type of injury depends on the area which has been affected and how it has been damaged. Some of the common types of dental injuries which could be sustained by the victim in the auto accident are as follows:

  1. Chipped or broken teeth:Teeth could break or get chipped. The level of severity depends upon the extent to which the tooth has been broken or chipped
  2. Knocked out tooth:some victims may end up with an avulsed or a knocked-out tooth after the car accident. In a lot of cases, the knocked-out tooth cannot be saved and the victim would have to undergo a replacement procedure to restore their smile. A knocked-out tooth can also affect self-confidence.
  3. Tooth which has been dislodged:if the tooth has been pushed out of its place, then you will have to get professional dental treatment. The tooth could also be pushed sideways, inwards or out of its socket in most car accidents.
  4. Root fractures: when the cases are a bit more serious, the victim may experience a root fracture. Root fractures can cause complete loss of teeth which in turn demands a costly cosmetic procedure to replace the old teeth with artificial teeth.

What to do when you have been in a car accident?

Most of the dental procedures which have been mentioned above are costly and also require multiple visits to the clinic. If you have sustained a dental injury in a car accident then consult a lawyer, who will fight your case and ensure that you get the compensation that you truly deserve.

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