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Challenging Worksite Injuries that require Injury Attorney’s Attention

Construction work, a pretty challenging and dangerous job environment. There is always a high chance of injuries, fatalities that hit thousands of people every year. Construction workplace accounts for 5 in 1 workplace fatalities in the US, sadly. And if the company fails to provide safety, and implement security measures, accidents and mishaps will happen very frequently. That’s when the demand for injury attorneys has drastically increased in, the past times. For construction accidents that involve carelessness and no protective measures, workers require to demand legal options for recovery.

If the accident occurs at the workplace with injuries, you need legal consideration

Falling from Heights

One very unwelcoming and injurious accident is the fall from heights. When a worker falls from a great height, he or she suffers massive breaking of bones, fatal injuries, and even trauma of a lifetime. If the person is the sole bread earner of the family, one shouldn’t keep quiet but take a legal stand. The fall can happen due to improper, defective, or failure in equipment, ladder, machinery, etc.

Head Injuries

The construction workplace often deals with heavy equipment and tools that can slam against the head anytime and lead to massive skull fractures or internal bleeding. Even with extra protection through a hat or gear, the chances of head trauma and fracture are maximum. Slip and fall can also lead to injury on the head and this can be due to the negligence of the employee. You need to make sure you attain full recovery from it. A construction injury lawyer can be of great help to get you what you deserve.

Minor to Severe Injuries

Cuts or scratch or even lacerations come are minor signs which can lead to moderate ones if not considered medically treating on time. Often heavy equipment, sharp objects can lead to stitches and bed rest. The worker requires to seek worker’s compensation for recovery and also seek medical treatment. Some workplaces don’t mention warning signs and you might also get stuck with shock by touching the wrong wire. Depending on the type of injury, you need to seek compensation.

Severe Burns

Burns occur as a result of exposure to high heat or contact with some very dangerous material, chemical, or electricity. Burn injuries have various degrees, first, second and third. The first-degree burn is minor with normal redness and pain, the second, being a blister or swelling on the injury site. And third, is a serious one with the most serious pain that can go beyond the top layer of the skin and affect the muscles too. Some burns require surgical treatment too, and you need to take legal action.

Struck by Object

There was a construction site in the US, wherein 80 people died due to struck by an object in 2017. Construction sites contain a wide number of moving objects, one that a worker must be aware of too. What’s happening in the surrounding must be informed to the worker so they are extra cautious while working. An injury attorney takes cases like these to provide fair compensation to the deserving. Cranes and other heavy equipment, along with flying objects like nail guns can cause fatal injuries. Proper training needs to be provided to the workers, and if this accident occurs, you deserve justice.

Why does this accident occur?

  1. Employers should prevent workplace injuries by providing appropriate training and giving tips on how to work on construction sites.
  2. Employer fails to provide access to safety equipment, no adequate training on how to use the equipment and which tools should be used for which purpose.
  3. Defective malfunctioning of power tools or equipment can be catastrophic as they are not properly maintained.
  4. Apart from that, other natural factors like rain, thunderstorm, can also lead to the risk of electrocution, falling objects, etc.


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