Saturday, 3 Jun 2023

Car Insurance Application Review

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We are living in the digital era where everything is getting digitized and this includes the car insurance providers too. Yes, you read that right! Almost all the reputable car insurance companies now have a solid online presence in the form of a website and most importantly, they have got applications.

With these applications, it becomes easier for the policyholders to check their current policy status and it also helps them contact the insurance company in a more efficient and effective way. Some vehicle insurance provider companies even allow their policyholders to pay through their mobile application.

The point we are trying to emphasize here is that if you yet have to buy an insurance plan and if you want nothing but ease and convenience then opt for the company that at least is professional enough to offer you a mobile application. Speaking of applications, today we are here with a list of some of the best Dubai motor insurance companies that do have an application. 


Esurance is probably one of the best car insurance companies with the best policies and on top of it all, they have an application too. With the Esurance application you do several things that you would have to do otherwise by visiting the company yourself. This can save you a lot of time and hassle because with their application you can easily manage your policy, you can view your digital insurance card and you can even update your information.

What else would you want from a car insurance application that does literally everything for you? The best of the best parts is that with the Esurance application you can schedule your payments and make secure payments too. Honestly, if you wish to buy the most convenient insurance policy then you better consider Esurance right now. 


For someone who has been searching the internet looking for the best car insurance policies, we are sure that you came across the name “Progressive” because it is quite a renowned name in the insurance industry. Progressive has quite a lot of impressive plans to offer but the best part about them is again their application. With the help of their application, you can easily pay your bills, view your policy and even edit it.

If you have opted for renter’s insurance, you can even manage that with the applications by managing your other Progressive insurance accounts. Honestly, your experience with this application can be good and it can be bad too, depending on your requirements and your likes and dislikes. 

3-Geico Mobile 

Want an application that does not overdue? If yes, then try the Geico car insurance because their application is just the best for people who want ease and convenience. You can make edits to your car insurance policy with their application and on top of it all, you can pay your bills just like the two applications that we mentioned above.

Even if you hire an insurance broker in UAE, you will still get to hear the same that yes, this insurance company and their application is one of a kind. For the best customer service, you can use this application because there is a chat service provided by the company with a customer representative available all the time. 

Final Thoughts

These are three best car insurance applications that we have compiled for you. Now if you yet have to buy a car insurance plan then do consider the ones that we have mentioned above. We assure you that with these companies and with their applications, you won’t have to worry about anything.