Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020

Can Parents be Liable for Accidents Caused by their Child? 

Usually, you as a parent, you would not be liable for any of the accidents that happen when your child is driving. Accidents could happen anywhere at any time. Thus, it is essential that you know the situations and understands when you could be held liable. 

With car accident lawyers in Halifax, if you are the person who has been injured or someone who is your near and dear one has been injured. Then it is also crucial to learn when you could hold the parents responsible for any situation. Here are some of them which would help you understand when you as a parent could be held liable. 

Supervising Failure: 

This is one of the most common situations that usually happens and could cause you lawsuits. In case, the parent was unable to supervise the child, and the parent was negligent. This could happen due to several reasons, like when the parent leaves their small child inside the car with the key in there. 

And, an accident is caused because the child tried to drive the car. This shows pure negligence by the parents as leaving the car key is not a show of responsibility. Also, there is a huge chance that both parties could get injured as a consequence of the parent not being able to handle or control the child. istockphoto-1084167714-612x612


If a parent who knows their child would not be able to handle the car, and yet gave it to them are liable to get a lawsuit against them. There are again situations where this could happen. Like, when your child has failed their driving license test, and yet the parent lets them drive the car though the parent knew that the child was incompetent and reckless. 

Car accident lawyers in Halifax could take this as proof and sue the parents instead. Also, if a parent lends a car knowing that the child would be reckless by race driving on public city streets; this is another situation where the parents could be liable for the accident caused by their child.  

Consent Driving: 

If due to a ‘family purpose’ the parent gives consent to the child, but the child causes an accident. Then the parents are liable for the accident, and instead of the child, the parents would be the ones against whom the action would be taken. 

Car accident lawyers help their party by finding out the cause behind the situation and providing the correct course of action through witnesses, proof, etc. 

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