Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020

Been in a Wreck? You Need a Houston Accident Lawyer

People often ask if they should be in a hurry looking for an attorney after being involved in an auto accident. Why, you may ask, get an attorney at all if you have good auto insurance?

Answering the Big Question

The first question you need to ask after an accident is “if” you need to find a Houston Accident Lawyer. If you’ve only been involved in a simple fender bender and no one is injured, your insurance company can handle everything you need.  Otherwise, you need an accident lawyer and you only have one more question to answer: how quickly do I need to find one?

When to Take Your Time Looking

If there is no hurry, there are several free sites that offer great direction.  There, you can find laws and regulations specific to Texas as well all 49 states in the U.S. There are also easy to navigate sections including:

  • Car Accident Insurance Claims and Adjusters
  • Setting your Car Accident Case
  • Car Accidents and Determining Faults
  • Payment for Car Accident Injuries and Damages
  • Car Accident Lawsuits and Lawyers

Forums are also a great place to find out what other people just like you faced after an auto accident. There’s nothing like learning from the trials and errors of others before you possibly make the same mistakes. Remember, an insurance adjustor’s first task is to save his company from as much loss as possible. They aren’t paid to be your friend and in the case of an accident you need all the friends you can find.

You can walk to a lawyer when:

  • Fault may be an issue
  • You are unsure if other insurance (travel, homeowners, etc.) may be available.
  • You are confused about the terms of your policy.

When to Run to an Accident Lawyer

You need to know beforehand what times you will need a Houston Accident Lawyer before you need one. Some reasons to run to accident lawyer are:

  • The accident resulted in a death.
  • Fault is clearly an issue.
  • You don’t agree with a police report that puts you at fault.
  • You have no insurance.
  • Your insurer has its own attorney.  In that case, don’t wait for the starting gun but get an attorney immediately.

Even when no one is injured, do not rule out finding an accident lawyer. If there is any possibility of significant lost time from work or family requirements, consulting with an attorney is your best course of action.

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