Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

5 questions to ask lawyer about divorce and custody

A law firm can help you with a wide array of services. And one of these includes divorce and custody. This is a sensitive matter, which needs to be dealt with a lot of attention to detail. This is why our experienced lawyers encourage you to ask questions during the initial consultation. And if you’re not sure where to start, this article is for you. Read on to find out the five questions to ask a lawyer about divorce and custody.

1. What is your law firm’s experience with similar cases?

This is a vital question since it is always best to choose a law firm with the necessary expertise and experience in dealing with divorce and custody. Your lawyer needs to have experience in court defending similar cases. Of course, some divorces are resolved without a court appearance. But in the event you’ll face a trial, you need to ensure you have the best law firm to back you up.

2. What is the cost of the divorce?

Another essential aspect you need to discuss right away is the price. And an initial consultation with a lawyer is created for this purpose. Make sure you ask this question and inquire about the potentially unexpected expenses you might face.

3. Which is the best approach to protect my child from now on?

Divorce is hard on everyone, especially on your little ones. So, it is best to protect them from unwanted situations. A lawyer can aid you to make a clear picture of how this separation will unfold. This is why you shouldn’t overlook the importance of asking about the best way to protect yourself and your child during and after the divorce.

4. Who is going to manage my case?

Because you’ll most likely work with a law firm, it is only natural to inquiry about the lawyer who will manage your case. Divorce can turn out to be complicated, which is why you might end up being backed up by a team of lawyers. Ask questions about their expertise, experience, and ability to deal with challenging cases.

5. When are you available on the phone or by email?

Divorce is a volatile matter. This means that you might end up needing to discuss with your lawyer at unexpected times. So, it is recommended to ask your divorce lawyer about how to contact him and his team in-between appointments. Having a professional and reliable law firm by your side can make separation easier.

The bottom line

So, these are the top five questions to ask a lawyer about divorce and custody. Of course, depending on your situation, there can be additional questions you might need to discuss with a law firm’s team. It can be a good idea to write down all your concerns before having the first appointment with a lawyer. In this way, you’ll request all the information you need to make an informed decision about your divorce and custody.