Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020

3 Best Immigration Programs That Can Help You In Applying For Permanent Canadian Citizenship

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Immigrating to Canada as a permanent citizen is a detailed procedure with a lot of legal formalities. It is handled best by professional law firms like Get In Canada. This firm and others alike offer a streamlined procedure that first determines if you’re eligible to apply for permanent citizenship in Canada. If you apply for citizenship directly without the aid of legal firms, you cannot know the status for eligibility. Thus, you have to pay the immigration fee whether or not you’re eligible. Thus, it’s always a wise decision to apply for citizenship with the help of law firms. Some of the most stupendous programs for immigrating to Canada are listed below.

  1. Express Entry Program 

The Express Entry Program by Get In Canada distributes a form that applicants have to fill. The form is for the purpose of collecting personal information about the applicant, like; job experience and skills, the purpose of immigration (for studying or to attain permanent citizenship), and so on. After successful evaluation, if the applicant is found eligible, only then the documents are submitted to the immigration authorities. 

  1. Provincial Nomination Program

The Get in Canada Visa immigration for the Provincial Nomination Program is designed for people willing to immigrate quickly because the Express Entry Program is quite rigorous and it can take about a year to get a clearance. 

Under PNP, Provincial Nomination Program, Canadian territories can nominate an applicant for immigration. You need to have relevant skills, preferably a job offer letter by some Canadian company, and a good and long work track record to impress the territorial authorities to recommend you. Once they do, you’re allowed to enter Canada and work there. However, it isn’t as a permanent citizen. You’ll be allowed to work only in the territory that recommended you, that too, after making a guarantee deposit. After immigration, you can apply at CIC to get permanent Canadian citizenship. 

  1. Quebec Business Immigration Program 

This program is applicable for businesspersons with a decent net-worth. It is categorized into 3 different classes. 

  • Quebec Immigration Business Investor Program – This one is the quickest ticket to get speedy immigration. It is issued to investors who can deposit 1.2 million CAD for 5 years in Quebec. This amount is, however, refunded after 5 years. 
  • Quebec Immigration Business Entrepreneur Program – This one is for entrepreneurs who can afford a deposit according to the rates of the province they’re planning to immigrate into. 
  • Quebec Immigration Business Self-Employed Workers Program – This one is for individuals who want to establish a new business in Canada. The basic requirement for this one is a decent net-worth to prove to the government that you’re capable of investing money in the business. 

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